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With Sleepy Scriptures Premium its just you, some dreamy music, and the word of God delivered gently in a sleepy manner without interruption.
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About Sleepy Scriptures Premium

My name is Steve. After sampling the many "new-agey", hypnotic sleepy podcasts that are trending in the secular realm, I decided I'd rather fall asleep in the loving embrace of God's word. Words of truth. So I started the Sleepy Scriptures podcast. I soon realized I'm not alone in my desire to hear bedtime Bible readings as Sleepy Scriptures listeners began to number in the thousands. But as my commitment of time and resources grew, I sought support through advertising sponsorship to keep my podcast viable. But the presence of advertisements in a sleep podcast is not ideal, so my audience suggested I create Sleepy Scriptures Premium, providing a choice for you to listen ad-free on most platforms. I appreciate your support in becoming a subscriber. God Bless.
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